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10Markets ist ein Online-Broker für das Forex Trading und den CFD Handel. Welches Unternehmen steht hinter dem Anbieter und worauf. Von Seiten 10Markets, die ihren Sitz auf der Karibikinsel Saint Vincent and the Grenadines haben wollen, wird behauptet, man sei auf der Pazifikinsel Vanuatu​. Als zweite Möglichkeit bietet 10Markets den Zugang zum Handel mit Forex Produkten. Dabei können die Trader auf ein umfassendes Angebot rund um den​.

10 Markets

Zina El Taweel. Back Office & Account Manager at 10Markets. Bahrain. Finanzdienstleistungen. 10Markets. + Kontakte. 10Markets ist ein Online-Broker für das Forex Trading und den CFD Handel. Welches Unternehmen steht hinter dem Anbieter und worauf. 10Markets Erfahrungen » Die wichtigsten Fakten im Überblick! ✓ Handelsangebot & Konditionen im Test! ✓ Demokonto vorhanden ✓ Jetzt lesen!

10markets Opening Your 10Markets Account Video

Trading Rule 10: Markets Are Zero Sum

Als zweite Möglichkeit bietet 10Markets den Zugang zum Handel mit Forex Produkten. Dabei können die Trader auf ein umfassendes Angebot rund um den​. 10Markets Erfahrungen » Die wichtigsten Fakten im Überblick! ✓ Handelsangebot & Konditionen im Test! ✓ Demokonto vorhanden ✓ Jetzt lesen! 10Markets ist ein Online Anbieter für binäre Optionen. Beim Trading mit binären Optionen wetten die Anleger auf steigende oder fallende Trading Kurse. 10Markets ist ein Online-Broker für das Forex Trading und den CFD Handel. Welches Unternehmen steht hinter dem Anbieter und worauf. Ein- und Auszahlungen Jahreslos Kaufen 10Markets. Recht plötzlich wurde dann auch der Zugang unseres Mandanten gesperrt. Auf dieser Basis kann der Handel mit den Binären Optionen effizient und reibungslos abgewickelt werden. Denn in den allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen der Online Anbieter für binäre Optionen werden in der Regel sehr ungünstige Bonus Regelungen vorgesehen. June WARNING: The FPA has seen evidence of 10Markets demanding that a review complaining about a withdrawal issue be removed before the withdrawal would be paid. Even when this was done, the client reports that did not pay the money owed. The FPA recommends EXTREME CAUTION dealing with 10 Markets. I’ve used 10markets for a year now and I only have good things to say. Withdraw – I see many comments about the withdraw. Yes 10markets has a very complex process of withdraw, because of bonus system. But the bonus gives more options to trade and buy more stocks. Initial deposit – at $ it’s some high for the average guy. 10markets is a broker that suits a variety of people, including stock trading and options trading. I found 10markets 1 year ago and very glad with their platform and my personal broker. They also have a variety of articles and research tools available. I think 10markets’ strongest feature is there knowledge and professionalism of forex trading. 10Markets is most reliable broker for me. I was looking for a good broker for 1 year and I found this broker. There is good support that always helps their clients. Very good bonus and promotion. And there is a good demo contest too. Trading with 10markets has been my all Trading with 10markets has been my all time worst experience, I lost all my invested funds. Plans down the drain, they kept pushing me to invest more and didn't all me withdraw. Then i saw similar complaints classifying them as a scam. This made me try a recovery service, kapitalchargeback. Auf den ersten Blick ist dies nicht immer ganz einfach festzustellen. Mai WongHong Kong. You can sign up for an account to trade either or both right there on the site. May 31, at am. Thank you and good luck! Auch hier bietet sich den Tradern ein ausgesprochen breites Spektrum. May 16, at Kareen Davis. My account manager David Zachs was not calling me 10markets for two weeks so it forced me top trade on my own sometimes which made my account to go down. January 29, at Bubbles Shooter Games. To trade binary options on 10Markets, you need to use the platform which is available on the site. He told me he patient then took out a contract on mex peso Vs US dollars that quickly Cut The Rope 2 to eat up my profits,that scum Paul Bryce then called me telling me for us to close the trade on Gold because it looks like gold has reached its peak, my contract take profit was at I can say: Prices are very competitive, tools just kick butt.

When you visit the website, you will see that the company actually offers two distinct types of trading: binary options and Forex. You can sign up for an account to trade either or both right there on the site.

If you are only interested in binary options trading, a lot of this may seem off the point, but it is actually quite relevant.

Forex trading in general is a safer and more established world than binary options trading. FX brokers tend to urge smarter trading practices and encourage their customers to manage their money and their trades with care.

As a broker that offers both types of trading, 10Markets does this by offering a no-strings-attached demo account.

No bonuses are specifically discussed on this page. There is a turnover requirement to withdraw the bonus. What about deposit and withdrawal terms and methods?

You can only trade in US Dollar or Euro. Credit or debit card or wire transfers are the only methods available to deposit and withdraw, so there is not a lot of flexibility here.

On the bright side, however, the website mentions zero fees for depositing or withdrawing, and no minimum withdrawal thresholds. These are really nice terms that make it easy for you to access your money at any time.

It is awesome that 10Markets allows you to trade through MT4, as it is a free platform which gives you absolutely amazing technical features to plan your trades.

In fact, I recommend using it to plan your binary options trades as well, even though you cannot trade binary options directly through it.

To trade binary options on 10Markets, you need to use the platform which is available on the site. This platform is powered by Panda TS.

While that may sound rather obscure compared to more common platforms like SpotOption, it works about the same way, displays nicely, and is easy to use.

You can use it on your desktop or laptop, or on your Android or iOS mobile device. Through the Shared Wallet, you can manage your investments on both your accounts, and even move funds from one to the other with ease.

It is great that 10Markets offers Range trading, because Range trading is one of the unique advantages of binary options. Not all binary options brokers offer it, even though it is a relatively common trade type.

Assets include currencies, commodities, indices, and stocks. The types of assets you can trade and the number of instruments available to you however depends on your account tier.

At the lowest tier, you can only trade the base currencies. At the next level up, you can trade gold, silver, and oil.

At the Premium tier, you can trade all of the currencies, indices, CFDs , and shares on the site 10Markets also offers a couple of other types of trading beyond their main products of binary options and Forex.

At the highest level with the tailored account, you can trade all the instruments. These resources are available both for FX and binary options.

Trading tools offered include financial calendars and calculators and social trading. You can control your trades using rollover and early close , but double up does not appear to be available.

You can reach customer service through live chat, telephone, web form, email, and paper mail. The live chat desk was not staffed when I checked it, but this was on a weekend.

There has been no response. Suggestions welcome on possible courses of action I may pursue. I also had 36K — now negative in my account — as soon as i wanted to close my account they put in multiple trades with comms deducted on random trades.

We must all stand together and nail these guys. We should do everything in our power to: 1 Get our money back 2 Close down bad companies like 10Markets.

Starting with them. I have contacted trading standards here in the UK. You might try that in the US too.

They will take action if there are enough people complaining about mis-sold services. Same happened day after I put in a withdrawal request.

Next morning my account manager set me in a trade that wipe out my funds 8k leaving me in a negative fund. Try to withdraw your money — That profit means nothing if it stays on your computer screen.

Look at what happens when you put in a withdrawal request. You will loose it. I took out 14, out of my 50,, process took a week and half — my portfolio manager asked me what i needed it for, and told me that the money is on the way.

You should contact our complaints assistance team. They should be able to help get your money back. As soon as the phone call came from an Asian woman who passed me to some African sounding bloke, I just knew it was shit.

Sounds familiar , I was trading for 2 years with a broker called L binary , out of the blue they disappeared with all clients money including my I am still trying to find the frauds.

The had very bad experience with 10market. Initially I was trading binary and was showing a profit when it closed, I was so happy and I withdraw the money but somehow my broker, Chris Aames call me again to deposit more money on forex, as I had no experience so I follow his instruction, after two days I notice my balance has dropped tremendously and I lost usd I hope somebody will look into this matter and prevent more victims, and best of all I can recover some losses from there.

My account manager placed all the trades and managed to lose all of it in a few months. Knowing nothing about trading I left it to my allotted Pro Trader to do.

Not realising until it was too late. They have no morals, do not listen and do not respond to questions. Not a good place to invest.

The only investing should be done by the fraud squad! Please Please this is a scam, you can see your equity growing, but you do the press withdrawl it will say admin controlled.

Brothers and sisters please please donts go on this platform we work hard for the money we get. Please stay away. Oh dear,So sory sony,yuv been sucked by a snake.

I have listened to 1 of their con sales dept account managers trying everything possible to get biscuits outa my piggy wiggy tin for ages.

Just listening carefully will give u the clues to a criminal mind with evil intent. I told the Xunt to f off in a polite manner.

Gawd blimey charlie ,the Xunt realised ee was exposed but like a recidivist clothed in stripes for life ee has reincarnated imself as a holy grail of a devil;and that is wat ee is!

No one looks after yer peebles better than ye. Hi all.. Today, they want me to put some more amount. Toby 10markets account manager asking for my online banking details and using team viewer to look at my laptop screen also.

So how i want to get my money back? Please help me. Sorry for my bad English. I ask to withdraw usd after losing some money on usd and the balance become 0!!!.

Binary Robot not linked to them they say. Finally 10 Markets return my usd I appreciate their effort. However I will not use them again as meta trader hard to use,.

I am a client of 10markets. I am entirely unsure of how other real clients feel about this company, but I really feel they are a scam.

In order for clients to put in deposits they are quick about it. But to contact them and ask them for status updates it takes weeks.

Even closing the account is like begging them. Sometimes, they have trades done that is not on the platform and they will suddenly appear with the trades at negative balances.

I have screen shots and conversations as proof. Please can you send me the screen shots and conversations as proof. I am working on an updated version of this post.

I always feel that 10 markets have no interest in the client. They just want you to deposit more and more and then give you a credit that locks you in — and in my case I was close to being able to withdraw and then suddenly over the course of 4 weeks they traded my account to a loss… taking commissions of course.

Sanuel I am a victim aswell, understand but stay out mate as to save a trade ask for deposit is neverending my humble suggestion get out as soon as you can.

God Bless stay safe. Yes, I agree with you that they are scammers! I lost my money in there too. All the money you invest in there you will allways lost too!

I think that you want to keep your money! What a horrible experience with 10 markets.. Stay away…….. I then I had a life changing car accident and requested my money back because i was not able to concentrate on learning to trade.

I was then talked into having Dylan Woods manage my account until was able to get back on my feet…long story short…. The final answer was… there is nothing they could do for me……A big and expensive lesson learned..

Is there anything more I can do. Sorry to hear about your car accident. Can you send me screenshots and proof to back up your claims against 10markets?

I will compile them into a new post along with some other claims. Just this guy made me to loss over 10k eurs. After a year I had 20k profits and then I asked to withdraw Woods told me what to do and after those wises my account was wmpty and no activity was on.

Woods was fourth trader with me. Obviously Woods is the home-devil, who took the money to 10Markets.

I think that all are cheating people to give money. Every one say: put more money and… And when you have lost everything they say, it is cosiquence of your stupid decissions… This is the true.

Hi Ken , I have also been misled by 2 cowards , Gabriel Nelson and Michael Burg , I would join you in locating these 2 individuals , I would like to cut their ears off place them in their hands and await their screams , I have a wicked streak that Id like both of them to witness , I invested heavy with little to show for it almost 12 months and down almost 20, sterling , these bastards are in it for themselves , commission upon trade placed , incorrect info , lets take DAX , screen shot was sent to myself showing a trade , cover with a TP 10,, sell , I should have known this was false information by the very margin of a fall , he says you have to be patient , DAX and climbing , has not stopped since trade placed , I am now doing my intel on these individuals, I am ex service heavily into seek and find.

Well good luck with that. I like to envisage them in orange jumpsuits. My heart stopped and my balance 61k disappeared within the day.

Of course it all disappeared. Holy Hell … really! Charming and convincing as these guys appear to be they put useful talents to evil purposes.

Their mothers would be ashamed of them. I trust someone does catch up with them and holds them to account.

I am a 10 markets client 10 markets is a scam they are quick to help you until you deposit the money.. I had a fully managed account not an automated one — when asked what happened to Anna Kaplan my manager I was told they parted company with her.

I feel she left because the may have seen something very bad with the trading. One thing that I would recommend and advise everyone here who has a complain that is never allow any broker company to manage your account or funds they will do this to everyone always manage your own account or give it to someone whom you trust and is can be physically reached in person.

I was their client too and I had to say that they just want your money! Do not invest any more or you lost all your money!

I am a 10 Markets client. I am also thinking that 10 markets is a scam. Now from 3 weeks i am not getting any response from them,i messaged many times but no reply.

Atleast they should tell us we lost our money or not. I have invested US dollars. In two weeks the deposit became dollars. More than two weeks I try to withdraw money.

The support service is silent. Never contact this office. Please contact us here: Julia. Unfortunately there are risks of losing money with these types of trading and vast majority of people WILL lose money.

Where and who is the best person to speak to about my account. Wow i was about to deposit…………. Admin comment are a typical…………. Admin could easily check all these claims in there own company.

Instead of trying the delay tactics. I liked all the assets they trade. Each time i have talked with them to get any good customer service answers.

This is true. But there whole attitude for a new customer is so poor. How do you get business with out your greatest asset. Kim I feel you but you should have done your research first honey then you would have seen how rude there customer service is and the amounts of monies they have suck dry from people.

Hi, You are free to do what you like. I am just here to be the only website to let the truth not be suppressed because of money. Could you please delete my comment on this page as I have resolved my issues with 10markets.

Many thanks. Beware, beware. All brokers and regulated brokers there is always more black sheeps in the organisation. These brokers are quick like leopard reaching out to you through phone before one can finished update personal information but slow as snail the minute raise the subject on withdrawal.

This is the biggest problems with this industry on the subject on withdrawal especially if traders not reside within their country and their authority done nothing to stop unethical practise within their society.

They knew nothing you can do about it and their webpage also stated this is a high risk investment and yours hard earn money place in the hands of inexperienced brokers sharpen their skill.

Once regulated will not accept US traders. There are brokers for years still telling you in progress getting regulated but true intention never want to be regulated because any issue traders no where raise complain as they do not have bide by any authority.

Never deposit fund with brokers without getting first the compliance document verify and acceptance meeting the eligibility for withdrawal avoiding later excuses from brokers the document do not compliance.

Traders must check the mode of deposit accepted for online gambling, forex and casino before making deposit. Some countries do not allow debit card or prepaid issue by any financial organisation bearing Visa or Master logo due to security reason.

Example like PayPal do not allow online gaming, forex and casino but do note there are brokers with PayPal signage on their brokers website on case by case basic accept PayPal but traders must getting black and white verification from brokers whether yours PayPal accepted for withdrawal.

Brokers interest want you to deposit fund and never care less yours withdrawal issue. Do not accept brokers request for higher deposit beyond your means, trades for you if you sign up with trading software, these brokers are good talkers and often are not a good doers, giving great promises and assurance but fail to deliver.

D ie address details on a statement account, drivers licence etc and still no withdrawall. Withdraw — I see many comments about the withdraw. Yes 10markets has a very complex process of withdraw, because of bonus system.

But the bonus gives more options to trade and buy more stocks. Trade execution — extremely fast. Very thankful for getting me out at my stop price.

Customer service — I have not had to deal with the customer service department much, but the time or two I did they were pretty helpful and courteous.

I spent 20 years in the investment business so I do know a bit about trading, getting good executions, the importance of keeping costs low, and customer service.

I would give 10markets the highest possible marks. Would recommend them without hesitation to anyone,. Comments from J. Korh and Steiger were most likely left by the same person based on footprints they left.

I agree admin. My appeals for my refund is always a waste of time. I was contacted initially from ricci cooper who grabbed my money and mr Zachs tried blinding me with figures and markets etc.

He asked for my credit details but thankfully I said no. This has been ongoing since end of may. Dear Bryon, please be informed that your account was connected to the automatic trading software of your choice that was trading on your behalf.

I would like to highlight the fact that this automatic trading software is not an organic part of 10Markets. Our product is a panoramic Trading Platform that offers a wide variety of trading tools for all kinds of traders.

Many automatic trading software developers choose 10Markets for our fast trade execution. If you are not satisfied with the results of your automatic trading software please contact support of the automatic trading software developer.

I faced the same problem as the rest of the traders. Deposited my money with 10 markets but tried countless times to make withdrawals.

All they do is to ask me to make more trades. More recently they have been ignoring my requests and emails.

Dear Lucas, We in 10Markets always inspire to give the great customer service to our clients. We tried to find you in our Client Area, are you our client?

If yes, we will be more then happy to help you, please send us your Client information to support 10markets.

Miss Ema H. I started trading with 10Markets in feb with my first deposit of EUR. After I funded my account with my account manager he informed me that I will get a call from a broker the phone call came pretty fast, 24h after I funded my account.

Now the part which I liked less about 10markets — when I asked for a withdraw request they first asked me for documents I did not provide them right, I tried again and they still did not approve them until I noticed a documents attached to the email kyc guide or something like that were they explained and showed in pictures how to provide them the documents and my documents got approved right away.

When I then opened a new withdraw request it took longer than written in the terms and conditions, but 10markets was in all time in contact with me and there support always tried to help me and get information about my withdraw every time.

It took a little longer then I though it will but I received my money with EUR of profit which I traded with my broker together. Seems to me that the owner of 10M sounds like the wolf of wallstreet lol.

Getting money and keeping peoples hopes up. I have been asking for refund of my initial deposit as I am not capable of providing you with the necessary documentation needed for verification.

Instead I keep on receiving phone calls pushing me into trades I do not want. For the last week I have sent 4 mails requesting to return the deposit.

Result: no money, no answer, not even acknowledgement of receiving the mail. See email below which was sent 3 times. Now I have to take out a small amount from my account, but I wish to put more to grow my balance up.

Thank you Danny Morgan, 10Markets for the opportunity. I have no complaints with 10markets only praise, their online platform is great, ultra user friendly and you can trade both forex and binary options on 1 platform.

As one of online brokers they do their best to continually update and improve resulting in a powerful suite of browser based analysis tools.

I personally like that their news feeds have the option to include twitter feeds also. My friend and I both opened up accounts at the same time but he decided to go with other broker and this has resulted in a good comparative study.

He seems to have a lot of issues with their platform and customer service, my account was opened much quicker and the money deposited well before him.

He is now switching to 10markets, need I say more. Well one last thing, for beginners the paper trading account is the best out there and you have nothing to loose in trying it out.

Good and fast service,and if you like low fees it's great. That is what I care about most. The trading platform is not very high tech, not beautiful, but the prices are good and I get surprisingly good fills on the trades I execute.

I'm also an 10Markets customer from Cyprus - and so far I've liked it. When I am a more experienced trader I may look to move, but for my first real options broker, these guys have been good.

Their customer service has been fabulous! As a newer trader learning the ropes, this has been extremely valuable to me. I'm also a 10Markets customer from Belgium - and so far I've liked it.

When I am a more experienced trader I may look to move, but for my first real options broker and forex, these guys have been great.

They do have some good tools on the web site. I could have spent a couple of hundred dollars less in commissions with another broker, but the help I have gotten from 10M's support crew has saved me more than that.

Even simple things like using online chat support to help walk me through my first trades and has been great - instantly available on evenings and weekends and got me going immediately.

You can't ask for better support. I may grow out of this brokerage some day, but right now I am happy and they have been a very good choice for my first options brokerage.

Certain tools are crucial for my analysis as spread trader, and some things are personal preference cosmetic.

They have also added past earnings to their streaming charts, which is very helpful for a quick snapshot of past reactions if you don't already have the historical data.

I'm not a big fan of the charts themselves, but that's personal preference. I do still use them, but have another charting service that I rely on.

If you are trading contracts, the commissions aren't great. Further, dependent upon your account size and trade frequency, you can negotiate your own rate.

All in all, great platform, great tools, and great support. Make sure to check out their Virtual Trading platform too Entscheidend ist natürlich auch die Frage, mit welcher Rendite der Trader rechnen kann.

Bei der einfachen Handelsvariante liegt diese im Bereich von 65 Prozent. In Kombination von verfügbaren Basiswerten und den verschiedenen Instrumenten können die Kunden in jedem Fall auf eine breite Auswahl von Handelsmöglichkeiten zugreifen.

Auch bei den zur Verfügung stehenden Handelskonten bietet sich dem Trader eine breite Auswahl. Insgesamt stehen fünf verschiedene Typen zur Verfügung.

Welches Konto gewählt wird, hängt zunächst davon ab, wie viel Handelskapital eingezahlt wird. Los geht es bei dem einfachsten Handelskonto mit der Bezeichnung Bronze, bei dem eine Ersteinzahlung von mindestens US-Dollar nötig ist.

Bereits bei dieser Version können die Händler auf exklusive Funktionen zugreifen und erhalten für zehn Tage die Möglichkeit, mit einem persönlichen Kontomanager zu sprechen.

Die nächste Kontostufe wird mit einer Einzahlung von 5. Neben drei freien Transaktionen haben die Kontoinhaber damit die Möglichkeit, einmal je Monat an einer live Handelssession mit einem 10Markets Experten teilzunehmen.

Ab Hier können weitere Bildungs- und Informationsangebote genutzt werden, unter anderem zwei live Handelssitzungen je Monat.

Darüber hinaus besteht die Möglichkeit, am automatischen Handel teilzunehmen. Signale für den Handel erhalten Trader zudem, wenn sie sich für das Platinkonto entscheiden, welches ab einer Einzahlung von Ein weiterer Vorteil dieses Kontos besteht darin, dass auf der Basis von besonders günstigen Spreads gehandelt werden kann und höhere Renditen im Handel möglich sind.

Wer sich ein wenig in der Szene der Online Broker für Binäre Optionen umschaut, merkt schnell, dass zumindest mit Blick auf das Handelsangebot nur wenige substanzielle Unterschiede zwischen den Anbietern bestehen.

Hier wird auch der Grund dafür liegen, dass viele Online Broker versuchen, sich mit Bonusangeboten aus der Masse abzuheben. Ein klassischer Einzahlungsbonus wird allerdings bei 10Markets derzeit nicht angeboten.

Allerdings wird mit der Auswahl der verschiedenen Kontentypen ein Anreiz gegeben, mit höheren Einzahlungsbeträgen in den Handel bei 10Markets einzusteigen.

Wie im vorangegangenen Abschnitt dargestellt, kann dabei je nach Höhe der Einzahlung von einigen zusätzlichen Leistungen profitiert werden.

Für die Einzahlung selber steht eine breite Palette an Möglichkeiten zur Verfügung. Darüber hinaus steht auch eine Auswahl von internetbasierten Zahlungsdienstleistern zur Verfügung.

Voraussetzung hierfür ist natürlich, dass der Kunde selber über ein Konto bei dem entsprechenden Anbieter verfügt. Die gleichen Methoden, die für Einzahlungen genutzt werden können, stehen dabei auch für die Auszahlung zur Verfügung.

Nicht zur Verfügung steht die Methode Banküberweisung. Im Rahmen der Anmeldung als Kunde ist es dabei notwendig, sich auf eine bestimmte Einzahlungsmethode festzulegen.

Wichtig ist vor allem, dass die Kreditkarte bzw. Möglich ist es überdies, dass Auszahlungen nur auf die Quelle vorgenommen werden, von der das Geld ursprünglich auch eingezahlt wurde.

Einzahlungen aber auch Auszahlungen können sehr bequem über den entsprechenden Bereich im Rahmen des Online Accounts vorgenommen werden.

Als gewissen Nachteil werden es viele Trader ansehen, dass es sich bei 10Markets um einen Vertreter handelt, der nicht reguliert wird.

Instead I keep on receiving phone calls pushing me into trades I do not want. I then I had a life changing car accident and Italienisches Restaurant Zwickau my money back Tippspiel Borussia Mönchengladbach i was not able to concentrate on learning to trade. You may be able to get your scammed money back into your pockets.

Mehr Tische, aber Werder St Pauli als der Werder St Pauli. - 10Markets Trading: Wer ist der Anbieter?

Sowohl für den Devisenhandel als auch für den Handel mit den Binären Optionen wird dabei eine spezifische Lösung zum Download bereitgestellt. 2/6/ · 10Markets is a solid reliable broker, but I wouldn't use them if you are an active trader as their commission rates are too high for active trading. A good broker for forex and binary trading. They have a /10(68). We believe this firm has been providing financial services or products in the UK without our authorisation. Find out why to be especially wary of dealing with this unauthorised firm . 10markets is a broker that suits a variety of people, including stock trading and options trading. I found 10markets 1 year ago and very glad with their platform and my personal broker. They also have a variety of articles and research tools available. I think 10markets’ strongest feature is there knowledge and professionalism of forex trading/10(26).

Zero 10markets has solely a roulette on-line with bonus Werder St Pauli. - 10Markets Erfahrungen

Dies gilt umso Yoyo Casino, wenn es sich, wie bei 10Markets um einen Anbieter handelt, der über keine europäische Regulierung verfügt.


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